About Me

Hello! My name is Eugene Huang. I am a communication designer + software developer. Maybe the term digital maker describes me best. I love all aspects of building great software products, from coming up with ideas, visual design, and system design, to rolling up the sleeves and getting it done. I even like writing documentation, believe it or not.



  • Product Creation

  • Graphic Design

  • Agile Team Building

  • Code Quality

  • Frontend Development

  • Backend Development


My Pet Peeve

I’m not quite sure what to put here, so I may as well put something that might be useful to whoever is reading this. Or at least, generate some healthy debate. Whenever developers find themselves writing some code that doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of their code, often they end up placing it into a /utils, /common, or /core directory, package, or module. Whenever I see that I cringe. I strongly believe that is an anti-pattern, for the very simple reason that the principle of cohesion is being violated. A /utils directory often ends up being a dumping ground for random bits of unrelated code. So don’t do it!